Pubic hair tumblr com

pubic hair tumblr com

pubic hair tumblr com

Der Song begann und die zentrale Textzeile des Chorus fräste sich in mein Ohr: “…I love the pimples ‘round my pubic hair…” (sinngemäß: “Ich liebe die Pickel in meiner Schamgegend”). 2011-04-27. 2011-04-26. Sic! 2011-04-25. 2011-04-24. Frohe Ostern! 2011-04-23 ...

The battle against body hair has reached the genital areas. Young people increasingly feel that their pubic hair is disgusting and unsexy and are undertaking drastic measures to get rid of it. The ...

« In this film we wanted to normalize pubic hair because it is exactly that—normal. Body hair grows on people of all genders and it doesn’t suddenly become “gross” or “unhygienic” when it is on a cis woman, trans woman, or non-binary individual. We wanted to show that body hair is a choice; shave it, wax it, grow it, or do a bit of both. All are valid. » — @ladyist for @billie ...

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